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Grinding Problem solvedGumBits These amazing little balls from a specialist company in Atlanta USA are candy for a horses mouth a god send for horses who can be difficult with the bit When the mouth is agitated and tense grinding often occurs which can be a very hard habit to break Grinding can even occur when horses are on a perfectly good contact engaged and working in a correct shape GumBits prevent as well as stop grinding and associated problems with the mouth Give a small handful the equivilant of two teaspoons full each time required Feed to the horse before tacking up They will last about 45 minutes or more long enough to get through a schooling session or a warmup and testGumbits once chewed form a gel like film over the teeth that prevents abrasion of the teeth9702 activates salivation9702 encourages submission9702 eliminate teeth grinding9702 promotes chewing activityWhere did the GumBits story beginUS Inventer Elizabeth Kane from Atlanta brought a Dutch mare in Europe five years ago and decided she could over look the mares one fault she was a tooth grinderWhen she was shown to me in Holland she was grinding her teeth and I thought I dont want any tooth grinders but I liked her so much I decided Id just have to live with it There were so many other nice qualities about the horse said Kane an Atlanta resident But then she brought the mare home and the grinding which was even present when Magie was out hacking on a loose rein began to get to Kane a bitIt was just her thing It was a habit There were no other signs stress Kane said Im a USEF judge and Ive been riding horses for a long time so teeth grinding was not new to me but dealing with it on a daily basis was and I didnt want to hear it I was familiar with all the tricks people use and some of them are quite unsavory Having tried the known methods she turned to an idea of her own and from that idea has emerged a whole new product and a whole new business GumBits a sort of chewing gum for horsesAvailable in 454g bags

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