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Complete Care Senior

Complete Care Senior is suitable for every race, gender and every age!
But particularly suitable for:

Older horses
Horses with reduced chewing capacity
Underweight horses
Sugar-sensitive horses
Rehabilitating horses
Optimizing the roughage ration

Complete Care with 5 unique properties:

Extremely suitable for older horses, horses with reduced chewing capacity and rehabilitating horses
Very tasty and complete roughage (substitute for roughage and concentrate)
Enriched with balancer of vitamins, minerals, and (organically bound) trace elements
Support for physical and mental health from natural sources
Low sugar and starch content, free from grains and molasses

Feeding advice
As a complete feed: 1 – 1,3 kg 5* Star Complete Care per 100 kg body weight per day

To improve the ration:
0,3 – 0,5 kg 5*Star Complete Care per 100 kg body weight per day, added to 1 -1,5 kg roughage per 100 kg body weight and eventually concentrate feed
€5 shipping per bag

$ 28.50

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