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Horse First Cuppra Copper Tonic

One of the greatest concerns in horses is copper deficiency. Cuppra is the ultimate copper top-up which brings your horses coat back to life. Copper deficiency is a common worry for horses so to combat this Cuppra has a high copper availability for coat and conditioning.

Price: $ 21.41

Early signs of copper deficiency:

• Dull wormy looking coat, off colour with no shine, sometimes leaving the coat with a reddish tinge.
• Brown or White spectacles around the eyes.
• Lack of performance related to a low red cell count or reoccurring Anaemia.
Why does your horse need Copper ?

• Vital for the absorption of IRON.
• Very important for the enzymes involved in the development of connective tissues like CARTILAGE, tendons and ligaments.
• One of the most important minerals required in healthy HOOF growth.
• A shortage will lead to abnormal BONE development and brittle bones.
• An Essential part of the BLOOD clotting process.
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