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LeMieux Carbon Travel Boots Black

The latest lightweight breathable innovation in travel protection. Strong ballistic nylon outer fabric resists abrasions & knocks, whilst the new Carbon Nano-Fibre lining effectively controls heat & sweat build up whilst travelling. This special Carbon cooling inner lining has a wicking action similar to the Carbon Cooler Rug. Moisture and temperature are regulated far better than in the standard travel boots with polar fleece or nylon/polyester linings. Generous quilted Velcro straps with LeMieux branded tabs complete the look of these very smart boots., which will enhance anyone’s travel wardrobe. Robust PU Leather heel guards add vital protection.


Price: $ 107.09

Can be machine washed on a 30 degree cycle in a large drum washing machine.

We recommend the use of a wash bag to avoid any damage.

Please ensure all velcro is securely fastened prior to washing.

Alternatively can be hosed off.

Allow to air dry naturally.

Do not tumble dry.
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