Lucerne-mix digest

$ 24.93

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It was the lovely sweet smell that first attracted us to this wonderful all natural feed.

mags spotted Lucerne-mix digest on a saddle fitting trip to Holland. Our international showjumping client explained the benefits (it won product of the year 2018 in Holland)

*Free from grain and molasses its 100% all natural with lucerne, carrots, linseed oil, grass beetout, apple and sunflower seed, calcium chicory curls.

we have tested it and the horses love it!

*Its great for poor feeders

*Poor recovery after exercise or stress
*Recurrent colic
*Poor bowel movement
*Putting shine and condition on
*great for horses with ulcers
*Great for laminaitics as no sugar or starch
*Great for sport horses as its packed with all natural goodness…

This is a great product, really healthy and you will see the benefits!

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