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Pariani Pro Grip 18″ Saddle

Pariani the worlds finest Saddles
The use of hi-tech materials and a completely redesigned saddle tree guarantees the rider a perfect balanced position and great comfort. These are the ingredients of this new Pariani creation, a high end product and a great innovation in the world of horse equipment.

The PRO GRIP saddle tree, besides being lined with a special Open Cell Rubber, is also completely coated with an Anti-Shock gel that absorbs all vibrations and strains, thus turning this saddle into an extremely comfortable solution for both rider and horse. The lower part of the saddle and the front section of the saddle tree also features the shock absorbing gel.

The panels which face the horse’s back are lined with Open Cell Rubber that, thanks to its unique design, ensures such an ELEVATED FRICTION that helps the saddle to stay in its ideal position. The knee pads offer very hight grip to the rider’s knee.

This special anti-slip material is also resistant to the horse’s sweat, thus extending each saddle’s life, specially when compared to traditional leather saddles.


$ 4,284.00

Pariani Saddlery and SicurSell join forces to put an end to saddle theft.
Thanks to an established partnership with SicurSell, Pariani saddles will be equipped with the patented SicurSell Security System.
The famous Italian brand makes a global debut implementing the new integrated model of the SicurSell Security System, thus distinguishing itself by making a clear commitment in the fight against saddle theft.
All Pariani saddles are now registered in the WWSR (World Wide Saddle Register), making them unambiguously identifiable.
With the integrated SicurSell model,  clients have access to the latest features of the SicurSell System; using the free SicurSell App, it’s possible to view the data-profile of a registered saddle on a cell phone and saddles with the SicurSell Security System are the only saddles that qualify for a theft  insurance policy in Italy.

Find out more on the Pariani website here.
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