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Acavallo presents a new collection of “Double Felt” pads from a new eco-friendly felt produced with low environmental impact technologies, adopting a sustainability strategy, pledging to reduce the chemical substances in the production processes.

The “Double Felt” is the leading actor of this exclusive collection.

The “Double Felt” is hot, light, waterproof, as well as the best natural insulator against heat and cold.

The Acavallo “Double Felt” collection offers a wide range of color combinations.

All the pads are designed to keep the rider as close as possible to his horse, but each item has its own specific technical features.

The withers free pads relieve the withers from pressure improving the saddle fit. As the withers is kept free from pressure, they also allow a greater freedom of movement of the shoulders. The memory foam with its exclusive properties of shock absorption, avoidance of rubbing and friction, improves saddle fit and pressure distribution for extra relief.

The Pocket Configuration pad is individually adjustable to the changing needs of your horse, as it’s growing, ageing, building up or losing muscles. Especially designed for horses with high and long withers. This Pocket Configuration pad comes with 4 sets of Piuma inserts (flat, front riser, back riser and double riser) which can be arranged in the pockets of the pad in one or two layers, permitting a symmetrical or asymmetrical padding of the saddle, as required by the individual musculature and conformation of your horse.

Price: $ 172.54

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