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The Cheltenham gag with jointed mouthpiece is made from stainless steel using the investment cast, lost wax method for the highest quality finish. The cheltenham gag has holes in the eggbutt cheeks to accept a gag cheek. The gag cheek (available separately) is a type of extended cheek piece that passes through the holes in the gag bit, with a ring at the base for the reins to fasten to, as opposed to the cheek pieces attaching directly to the bit ring as usual. Gags work by raising the bit up in the horses mouth, as well as poll pressure. The effect is usually to lift the horses head up in most cases. Gags are strong bits and need to be used with care as there is no limit to the amount they can be raised in the mouth.

Cheltenham Gag features:
  • Works on the bars and roof of the mouth due to the nutcracker action
  • Can sometimes help prevent the horse from getting its tongue over the bit due to the high nature of the bit mouthpiece in the horses mouth when in use
  • Used with gag cheek pieces designed to go through the holes on the bit (available separately)
  • Bit strength: Strong
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Weight 475 kg

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