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Flex On Stirrups Adults

A top-of-the-range, “Made in France” stirrup,

  • Entirely conceived, designed and built for equestrian sports (eventing: Cross /
    Jumping / Dressage, Polo, Horse Ball, Endurance, Trecking, etc.)
  • This innovative stirrup, with a strong, lightweight design offers:
    • A shock-absorbing system (the tread rests on elastomer springs with “gripp” and “ultra-gripp” technologies)
    • Ergonomic shapes for the tread and the stirrup leather slot
      (both offset and skewed in relation to the stirrup for a better connection with the mount)
    • A unique concept for personalization: My Flex-on
      (a special location for a personalized sticker, choice of frame colour, etc.)

Price: $ 249.89


The flex on stirrup  is the top level in stirrup innovation for safety,Rider form and comfort.

An internal steel frame reinforces the polymer outer of the stirrup, this increases the stability of it, meaning there is no fear of a break.  They attach to the saddle through an off-set loop which is compatible with standard leathers and allows ease for the rider to find their stirrup.

The inclined grip of the stirrup aids optimum foot positioning for the rider. The unique grip will also prevent you from losing the stirrup.

The elastomers lying beneath the foot act as a shock absorber,  this prevents any impact from being transferred to the ankles or knees upon landing fences, this helps the rider maintain their balance and position.  Continued use of Flex-On irons have proved to reduce post-riding fatigue because of the reduction of the impact upon riders muscles and joints.

The impact of the Flex-On technology is highly positive for the overall health and performance inside the ring.

FOCUS: "Grip" and "Ultra-Grip"

These technologies are used on all Flex-on products.
The "Grip" or "Ultra-Grip" technologies used for the tread optimize
adhesion and help provide maximum stability and tightness for the rider.

  • Grip tread : made from moulded POM.

  • Ultra-Grip tread : made from moulded POM
    with crimped pins made of hardened stee

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