Plusvital Iron Syrup

Concentrated ironenriched molasses syrup with added B Vitamins Vitamin K Copper Selenium that is carefully formulated to promote red blood cell production and for extra support during training convalescence Stress and illness can increase the demand for iron in the diet leading to deficiency and fatigue Iron combined with B vitamins Vitamin K Copper aids in the formation of red blood cells which carry oxygen around the bodyIron Syrup Key Features include Iron boosting formula Supports red blood cell formation Includes Zinc to support the immune system and to promote faster healing times Vitamin K known as the antihaemorrhagic vitamin essential for blood clotting and the maintenance of the horses blood coagulation system Copper involved in the utilisation of Iron stores in the body

Main Composition : Cane Molasses

Additive Vitamins Per 60ml

  • B1 (Thiamine Hydrochoride)  160mg
  • B2 (Riboflavin 80mg
  • B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 30mg
  • B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 300mg
  • Vitamin K 5mg
  • Calcium D Panthothenate 80mg
  • Folic Acid 20mg
  • Niacin 200mg
  • Biotin 1mg

Trace Elements per 60 ml

  • Iron (Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate) 175mg
  • Copper (Curpic Sulphate Pentahydrate) 50mg
  • Zinc (Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate) 100mg

Analytical Constituents

  • Crude Ash 8.34%
  • Crude Protein 1.27%
  • Crude Fibre 1%
  • Crude Oil & Fat 0.5%
  • Moitsture 70%
  • Total Sugar as Sucrose 19.77%
  • Calcium 0.3%
  • Phosphorous 0.03%
  • Sodium 0.1%
  • Potassium 0.91%

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