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The Loose ring waterford snaffle can be a comfortable bit for a horse as long as the rider has sympathetic hands. The mouthpiece is made up of a series of rounded links, that is similar to a chain and can be manipulated by the horse allowing him to swallow and move his mouth freely. If the horse pulls whilst wearing the waterford, the mouthpiece is uncomfortable and usually the horse will not lean on it. The rider should never ‘see saw’ the hands when using a waterford bit as it can make the bit very severe. The waterford is normally selected one size larger than the horse’s usual bit size to allow freedom and correct fit of the bit in the horses mouth. The loose ring enhances the malleability of the waterford bit. Loose Ring Waterford Snaffle features: Mouthpiece lays across the horses tongue, giving lots of freedom but still giving control as it becomes solid when asking for a stop Most horses work better in one size larger than their normal bit size when ridden in a waterford mouthpiece. Bit strength: moderate, but can be severe if used in a sawing motion by the rider.

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